Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pirate Cookie Cutter Set in Tin Treasure Chest

This 8 piece pirate cookie cutter set is brand new!
It arrives in a large tin treasure chest, which also contains a cookie recipe.
The set is sealed.

Features cookie cutters in the following designs:
pirate hat, skull and crossbones,
parrot, pirate ship, pirate flag,
a hook, a palm tree, and a treasure chest.

Arr! Really cute!

Set sail, Matey, to the Pirate Cookie Cutter Set in Tin Treasure Chest!

And dig for other treasures, at my OLA store, Fleapirates Plunder!


CurioCache said...

This is so cute, I had to put it on Facebook!

Supergranny said...

OK, I think I might have to get this for my grandsons. I'm sure I could talk you into sending it direct to them, right?

Fleapirates said...

Thank you, ladies!

And yes, I will direct ship to anyone's grandsons! :)