Friday, November 13, 2009

Vintage Hanging Wall Clock Oak Wood with Second hand

Great solid Oak wood hanging Vintage wall clock. There is no brand name on the clock, it was a hand made clock and is 30+ years old we were told. The person we purchased it from said that her husband had built it for her many years ago. He wanted to make it for her from scratch as they were unable to afford one that was already made, so alot of love & care went into this clock. There is a compartment in the lower area of the clock with a door on it. This is a great place to put some type of nick nack or for a hidey hole. There is a glass panel over this compartment.
The face cover of the clock appears to be a very hard clear plastic bubble style with a brass ring around the outer edge, which lifts up from the bottom for easy adjustment to the hands of the clock. There is a sweeping second hand. There are wall hanging mounts on the back.
The clock is approx. 23" high x 15 1/2" x  about 4" deep. Because of its size and weight it will only be shipped parcel post. The clock is battery operated and runs on 1 AA battery which is included.
It is used and does show signs of use and age. The hands do have some scratches on them and either looks like there was black paint put on them at one time or that the coloring is fadeing. But overall it is in good condition. Everything works as it should. Just a very nice well built vintage clock.
Any questions please ask.

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Fleapirates said...

Nice clock! I love the little space for a knick knack!