Friday, August 7, 2009

Garden History - Chapter 6

Early Front Yard Photo

This is a snapshot of our Craftsman home about 4 or 5 years after we moved in. When we planted the Italian Cypress in the front of the house it was only four feet tall. The other tree (I believe a different type of Cypress) on the left was very “gnarley” when it got older and we finally had to take it down. I replaced it with a Gardenia (something I will be able to maintain).

A former owner had planted a Blue Spruce tree on the property line between the two houses and it had grown toward the sun. It was unsightly with its “L” shaped trunk so this was removed and we replaced it with a tiny, maybe a foot tall, Cedar tree that a friend of ours gave us from the golf course.

At the base of the driveway we planted a low growing Juniper. It would never be too big to impair my vision for exiting the driveway but would forever be green and needs very little water. Plus, visitors entering and exiting the driveway can drive over it and it will come back! Dogs and cats don’t like it much either, lol.

We bought all the, salmon colored, Azaleas from the GEAS Club we belong to. They sold them for cost that year, left overs from a parade. That is what you see all along the driveway path. There is a hydrangea at the base because the neighborhood pets kept urinating on the azealeas. hydrangea seems to resist the pet problem better. I put the hydrangea and azealeas on the other side of the lawn as well.

It just occured to me if you are new to this blog and are reading this post it might look a little weird if you cannot see the first 5 chapters. Since this blog moves pretty quickly I thought I would insert some links to my previous posts.

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I, also, have a few extra Signature Golf Balls hanging around in my OLA House. To see them click on this banner.

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