Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gardening Journal One

Spring 2009
Well, Spring is just around the corner, at least for us in the southeast. Not to much to report on during the fall and winter months. But now the narcissus, jonquils, camellias have started blooming once again.
Just a couple of things to report on though. We, my Hubby and I, did do our winter spray to protect the fruit trees and, then, a few weeks ago we sprayed again. I am glad we did because just this week we are seeing the buds popping out on the plum tree. Hopefully they won't open till this last threat of snow is over. Sadly, last fall the Winter Daphne bushes died. I had to dig them up and dispose of them. Some blight or decease, I can't identify, killed them. I will miss their great smell in the late winter/early spring. They were really pretty and I am thinking of replacing them but I think I might have the soil tested first because I wouldn't want new plants to come down with the same unknown problem. These bushes are pictured in the Garden Journal post number 11.
In the very late fall I got an idea and planted some lettuce. It is a leaf variety. And guess what? They survived. I wasn't too sure about them but I covered them with some leaves and the couple of rows I planted have survived the winter. I can't wait till I get to have a fresh salad.
Oh, I almost forgot, I have cut back the Liriope and as things start to happen I will post again.

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