Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Infamous Wedding Ring

Ok..so we received my Hubby's new wedding band. At first, I thought it was not going to fit..but after he got home from work, he tried it on and it did in fact fit perfectly!

He totally had no idea I bought if for him! It was amazing! He went into the bathroom to turn on the shower and I snuck up behind him with my hands under my shirt...he asked what I was doing..and I pulled out a ring box. I saw tears in my Husband's eyes..I got him! He opened the box and was stunned. The ring is so beautiful! He could not believe I did it! Ha..ha!! Now, I guess he knows just a fraction of what I was feeling when he proposed to me!

This is a pic of the infamous wedding band! I have it for sale at Jewelry by Christopher and its a steel..ahem..I mean a steal..LOL

Long story short..my husband has a new wedding ring that I love and he loves as well!


kidatheart10 said...

I love a story with a happy ending! Glad he liked his new ring! :)

Jewelry by Christopher said...

Me too! It was just priceless! He deserves it..He does so much for me and the kids..I wish I could do more for him!