Friday, July 16, 2010

Queen Size Two Tone Purple Bed in a Bag

Have you ever stepped into a friend's bedroom and just had to comment on their bedding set? I have! I mean, a bedding set that is just so breathtaking that it is the focal point of the entire room. That is what comes to mind when I look at this Queen Size Two Tone Purple Bed in a Bag. The colors are absolutely gorgeous!

Many people love purple, but just do not know how to put a set together with that color without it being too overwhelming. Well ya go! It is a solid two tone bedding set that just takes your breath away! The combination of lavender and royal purple is amazing!

If you want to make over your bedroom, start with the bedding set, then have the rest of the bedroom compliment the bedding. It will be much easier to find a paint color or wall paper to match the bedding than the other way around. Once you have the bedding set in your possession, you can build from there.

Of course, white walls go with anything, but if you have a paint color or wall paper design in mind, it is much easier to pick up the paint and wall paper swatches from the store and match them to your bedding than to paint your room and try to find the right color bedding. Paint stores can even mix colors together for you to get as close as you can to what you have purchased. Bring a pillow sham with you to the store if you want.

I think for this particular set a gorgeous wall paper with white background and maybe some green, pink and purple floral designs would look beautiful. Nothing too loud, just a subtle floral design just to tie the wall paper into the bedding scheme. A nice swag of purple, white, green and pink flowers over the bedroom door would work wonders! Ok, enough with my interior decorating tips! LOL

Whatever you decide, it will be fun for sure! You will know that whenever you have company and they walk past your bedroom and you have this set on your bed, they will compliment you!

This set also is available in King, Full and Twin Size Sizes. Pick one up for you and a friend! At these prices, its a steal! Who would not love a bedding set for Christmas?

Irresistible Elegance features bedding sets of all types and sizes. I will be adding more sets very soon. The amazing thing about these two tone sets is that they are available in over 20 different colors so you can mix and match with your favorites! I also offer a solid reversible set as well. If you do not want the 2 different color scheme, these sets would be for you. Stop by OLA today and see the gorgeous bedding sets I have listed just for you!


MetzyMom said...

What a stunning set! And in my favorite color no less!

Jewelry by Christopher said...

Its simply amazing! I have sold more of this set than any other!

kidatheart10 said...

Hey, great post! I've taken some interior design courses-maybe we can start a business together, Suz, lol!

bedding4me said...

Sounds like a plan! When do we start!!