Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time again for the SCAVENGER HUNT!

Hey, everyone! It is time to sign up for the April Scavenger Hunt!!! Yawiningdawg is hosting this month and it is going to be GRRRREAT!!!! Don't forget, top hunter will win $100 in AUCTION CREDITS-courtesy of!!!

So, put your thinking cap on, click here, and get over to OLA chats to sign up and join the fun!! It is sooooooo great!!!!!

And if you are still lookin' for that elusive Mother's Day gift, come on over to Korn Kountry Treasures and poke around! You just never know what you might find!!


Love Your Pet Expo said...

This is a really fun game if you're BALD! Otherwise, you will be before the week's out, from tearing your hair out over the clues some people leave!

Love Your Pet Expo said...

I put a "very big grin" at the end of my last comment, but it got dropped. (I think this blogging program is trying to get me in trouble -- as if I couldn't do that all by myself.)