Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cross-eyed Accessorizing

Way back when I was young and had lots of energy and a job I was good at being a Commercial Insurance Underwriting Manager.....our offices were in a big bank building with the open atrium in the center and everyone was perfectly attired with coats, ties, dresses, fancy high heels, etc, ad nauseum.  Seems I was always trying to 'dress to the nines' but every now and then my imperfections would show up.  Nothing new there.

At home, I had 3 girls to get out the door for school so the putting on of the earrings was done as we all went out the door.   About mid-morning someone finally commented about my 'interesting' choice of earrings!  (Well, a long time since anyone commented on my earrings)  Being suspicious I made a trip to the ladies room to look in the mirror.....yep, there they were BIG and COLORFUL.  Only one was green, hot pink and purple while the other one was red polka dots on a black background!  YUK!  They were the same big circle with a gold back and I just grabbed two without looking.  Thank goodness I had on a white suit and I figured I couldn't see them on myself so everybody else could just figure it was my strange taste in accessorizing.

What brought me to this story was because I just ran across a pair of big round earrings, very pretty ones, I might add, from  Callmemomos Marketplace.  

Look at these......

Very reasonable priced.....take a moment and check out her store.  There are hundreds of stores at
Online Auction

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kornkountrytreasures said...

I love it, SG!!! That is so funny!! Kinda like wearing two different socks!!! (I've done that!)

Supergranny said...

I've done that also!!! I also had 2 pair of nice leather thongs with a leather flower on the top. Pair of white and pair of lime green. Slid my feet in and ended up with one of each. Some noticed and I simply said 'I've got another pair just like these at home'. Sometimes I am a sandwich short of a picnic!

chateycathey said...

Ok I left a message before but guess it did not get there. SG you crack me up with your funny stuff, especially your sun bathers on TT last week. I was laffin' so hard at you and you never seem to be at a loss for words or funny photo's.

Fleapirates said...

I've done the sock thing, too. LOL!

You're too funny, SG!

And thanks for giving me another item for my bookmarks... that Momo's got some interesting jewelry lately, doesn't she?

kornkountrytreasures said...

Heck, my daughter, as a teen, would get the character socks, Christmas socks, Halloween socks, then mix them all up and deliberately wear two different ones!! That way she didn't have to sort them!!