Thursday, September 22, 2011

Do you have an Emergency Plan already in place?

I lost a Facebook Friend yesterday.

She didn't un-friend me. She died. It's strange how her passing has saddened me, for in reality, I hardly knew her. Still, it's difficult to lose a friend... even one that you've never met face-to-face. If not for the thoughtful post from her daughter, her online friends would never have known her fate, but now we do know and today, many are mourning her passing.

Her name was Cindy, which amused me, as this is my name, too. Our friendship began as a recommendation from a friend to a friend, in order to expand our network of neighbors in our game, Frontierville.  Cindy played many of the popular Facebook games, so I am certain that her friends list was both well-populated and diverse. She was out-spoken, especially when it came to the glitches that seem to be never-ending on those games, and always kept us entertained with her commentary. As a neighbor, she quickly became a favorite of all, simply because she loved to play! She was a neighbor you could always count on to return requests, offer advice and share successes. She was always there.

In a world where so much of our time is spent online, Cindy's passing is a reminder of how many people we touch through our daily online activities. I, for one, am grateful that Cindy's daughter thought to share this private and solemn occasion with her Mother's online friends. If not, how many of us would have spent days, weeks, or months wondering where Cindy had gone?

This very scenario occurred to me long ago. At that moment, I made a list of every site that I am a member of, along with passwords, and I put this list in a secure location that only my daughter knows where to find. I know, I know... never make a written list of your passwords, but in this case I believe it is warranted, and certainly, (as long as that list is protected), beneficial. If I get sick, hospitalized, or die, my daughter is prepared, not only to inform my online friends, but to take over management of my store, my finances and my online services.

Do you have an Emergency Plan already in place?
If not, here are some important things that you may want to put on your list:
  • Online Bill Payments, especially if these are recurring automated payments, should be monitored and adjusted, if necessary.
  • Online Banking should be notified and activity watched or suspended.
  • Social Media Sites, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube could be updated with status.
  • Online Stores, at OLA and other sites will need to be maintained. Notify the Customer Service Department, if the situation warrants or assistance is needed.
  • Advertising Services, such as HotFrog and EveryPlaceISell may need to be amended, suspended or removed.
  • Blog Sites should be monitored for comments. You may choose to post a status update there, as well, to keep loyal followers informed.
  • Memberships should be reviewed. Sites like Photobucket often have an annual recurring fee for specific types of accounts.
Can you think of any other online things that would be important for your family to remember? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Hopefully, none of us will be needing these lists anytime soon! But being prepared in the event of an injury, an illness or an untimely death will assist your immediate family and will bring comfort and peace to the select folks that you've brought into your online circle of friends. 

Rest in Peace, Cindy... we'll miss you. ♥


    kornkountrytreasures said...

    Wow, Cindy. I hadn't thought of this! Thank you.

    I didn't know the Cindy that died. But my thoughts and prayers go out to her family. It was so good of her daughter to let everyone know.

    bedding4me said...

    First off..let me say that I am sorry for your loss Cindy..I know how precious friendship can be since most of my "friends" are online.

    Next, I want to thank you for this..all of this information is invaluable. I have so many sites that I operate on..and I have met so many wonderful included..that I would definitely want them to know if I became ill..or if I passed away.

    I would also want someone to finish what I have started if I was unable hubby said to me the other day that he has no idea how to order my bedding sets..or to update my this needs to be addressed..

    I do sometimes disappear for a bit..but for those of you who are familiar with my situation, you know that I will be back eventually after that set of issues clear up..but in case I should happen to disappear forever..I would want all of my friends to know how much they have meant to me, how I have cherished our friendship..and that I will take that love with me wherever I may go..

    Thank you again Cindy for this wonderful post!

    chateycathey said...

    Cindy I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Most of my friends are on line also.

    I think this is a great post. Some people never think of this but I have all my info just like you suggested. You never know what tomorrow might bring.

    About a year ago I gave my hubby a list of all you suggested. Only he knows where it is and he also knows who he has to get to help him if this should arise. He can use a computer but when it comes to what I do he is lost and he will admit it. I feel good knowing he has what he needs and who he needs to take care of my on line concerns.

    Thank you for posting this Cindy and hope a lot of people take it seriously. If we don't see you for a while we will be wondering where you are and it would be nice to know if you are ill so we can pray for you and if you have passed we can be praying for your family.

    I hope I did this right as it is my first post on OLA blog. I so much want to learn how to list my items here and how to start a blog. I am sure I will in time.

    God bless all my OLA friends and others who touch my life in one way or another.

    Aesthetics48 said...

    My goodness. Sorry to hear about your friend. Thanks for the post, certainly something that needs to be tended too.

    Supergranny said...

    I still have her little picture in my neighbor list. Matter of fact, I chopped some of her trees this morning:)