Sunday, November 20, 2011

Baldacci First Family - Christmas Vintage Woodcut - Circa 1930 Ashtray



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Christmas Woodcuts of early ones of the 1800s

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Circa 1930 Art Deco Cut Glass Ashtray from Hollywood Glam era
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Fleapirates said...

Are ya tryin' to tell me something, SG? LOL! At wits end...

You've got a lot of great blog posts left! Like this one!

I've never read Baldacci, btw... my kind of book?

Supergranny said...

Oh my, baldacci is excellent. What kind do you like, who's your favorite writer?

chateycathey said...

Great blog SG. I have been through your OLA house and you have a great lot of items including ash trays. Just really cool.

Fleapirates said...

I like historical fiction, SG!

Bernard Cornwell! :D
Jack Whyte
Stephen Lawhead
Sharon Kay Penman

And I'll read James Patterson... but that's not the first thing I reach for.

kornkountrytreasures said...

Baldacci is a super author!! I've read most of his books!!

Can't quite figure the rest . . . .!!