Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Hint #20 -- Have A Cookie Party

Have a cookie party. When baking cookies, it’s easier to make 6 dozen of one kind than 1 dozen of 6 kinds. Get together with your cookie-baking friends and organize a swap party. Everyone brings 3 dozen cookies—2 dozen sealed up to swap—1 dozen for sampling. The cookies are placed on display.

Entertainment can be anything you want, but this is such an old-fashioned idea, simple things like reading Christmas poems and singing carols works great.

The cookies are the refreshments—all you need to serve is something to drink.

At the end of the party, everyone takes home 2 plates of cookies baked by somebody else. Now everyone has more variety for their own families.

This idea can be expanded, with more people and more cookies. If combined with the “White Elephant Game” all you need is space and drinks and the party will take care of itself.

Here's a quick way to make lots of cookies from one of our OLA family.


chateycathey said...

Cookie parties are such fun and a great time for visiting with friends. Very nice blog

Supergranny said...

Super fun idea!!

kornkountrytreasures said...

Great idea!! I could take my Cape Cod Oatmeal cookies!!