Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Hint #17 -- A Gently Used Christmas

Little kids don’t understand when times are tough. We had a really bleak year when our kids were small, that might have led to a very slim Christmas. We decided to have a serious talk with our kids about money. We explained that they would probably only get one new present each, but they could have the option of getting used toys and have a whole lot more. They didn’t hesitate. MORE! They didn’t care if their presents were new, they just wanted lots of them.

Those were the days before computers, so we couldn’t shop online, but there were plenty of garage sales, classified ads, rummage sales, and “children’s exchange” stores – I don’t remember anything called a “thrift store” back then.

We spent many fun evenings painting and refurbishing our used treasures and the pile of presents grew as fast as any other year. Christmas morning was a huge success and the best part was that we had no Christmas “hangover” of credit card debt.

Here are some great toy bargains from OLA.

Who can resist Winnie The Pooh?


chateycathey said...

Very good blog. Kids today mostly have a list a mile long. The way our Chritsmases went One gift was it always. Too many kids and not enough money AND we were happy

Supergranny said...

Same with my grandsons....they have everything so I try to get them books that tell a story but meaningful content. Sometimes I'll stick in a few dollars or a small gift card. That's it! or put a little something in a nifty pair of socks.

CurioCache said...

Thanks for sharing my Pooh bear!! :)

kornkountrytreasures said...

Wonderful post! I still have one of the boys Pooh bear!