Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas Hint #7 -- Forcing Bulbs

Everyone loves flowers. If gardening is one of your hobbies, now is the time to “force bulbs” for winter blooms. You can probably find unique vases at your local thrift store to make these really inexpensive and impressive gifts. (Just about any large-mouthed vase or planter will do.)

If you want a truly unique gift for a flower-lover with a sense of humor, imagine how this parrot vase would turn out, filled with winter blossoms.


Try paperwhites first--they're the quickest and easiest to force. Here are the instructions from (When using a tall vase, like the parrot, just use more rocks or marbles to fill it up.) The most important thing to remember is to use high-quality bulbs. Don't use them if they're mushy or they've already started to sprout.


Fleapirates said...

I do NOT have a green thumb... so you better tell me what "forcing bulbs" is all about! :o

chateycathey said...

Ditto what Cindy said. How do you force bukbs? Great post. Help us who need help please.

Fleapirates said...

That vase is adorable!

And thank you for updating your post to include some instructions. I just may have to try this!

Supergranny said...

I adore paper whites and they are such fun to watch practically grow before your eyes.

kornkountrytreasures said...

I love the vase!! So pretty!