Monday, November 7, 2011


Today is a new and frustrating day for me. I cannot get to my OLA as when I visited Al's sister in the spring I got her signed up to OLA. She has not done a lot because she is afraid to try anything new such as join in the TT sale. Well, I got her to sign for it while we are here and she can see how to do it and see how easy it is.

Now comes the problem. Her computer will not recognize me. Even when I put in http://ola.ocm/store/chateycathey It takes me to my home page and when i click on ACTIVE and then sold it jumps back to her site and shows me what she has sold. I know something sold because in my email I got my notice from OLA but I cannot get to my sold items. I can get to the community just fine and I am glad for that as I can keep up with my blog challenge. Would hate to miss that.

Going to go to the libriary and try to get on this afternoon. If that works I will leave a comment here and let you know. I cannot even sign up for TT on her computer but I can follow it because I got her to sign up. Her user ID is "isarsch". Please say hi and welcome her. I will post my blog from here tomorrow but I cannot feature an item.

Isn't it funny how we get spoiled to our own computers and the way they work? I have high speed and she has dial up. Hers is dial up because she has no other chioce in this area. Her computer is old but she has a new one, just afraid it will not work like this one so she did not hook it up. Sometimes we just have to take a chance.



chateycathey said...

I am at the libriary on my laptop and it is working easy for me. High speed.....whooooo hooooo

Fleapirates said...

When you sign-in to on a computer... any computer... you must sign-out in order to change users.

If you were signed in as your sister, even though you went to your store, it would not recognize YOU as YOU. The site would still operate using your sister's ID.

So next time, SIGN OUT as your sister. Then SIGN IN as yourself to transact any business of your own.

kornkountrytreasures said...

So confusing!! You are right, CC, it is hard getting used to someone elses computer!