Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rocks in my head tonight..

...been thinking about trying to find a little meteorite for my brother for Christmas, and got sidetracked looking at cool mineral specimens! Haven't found the meteorite yet (at least one that is WELL under $20,000!) but did run across some interesting things at!

Amazing natural free-from Boulder Opal  - nearly 30cts! But only $12.95! From theshoppezone!

Stunning Labradorite - hard to see in photos, but the sheen is like oil-on-water and changes as the light hits it differently. Beautiful! This beauty is from houseofstones

Instant collection! 120 tumbled rocks! Great deal from maggiemaybecrafty!

Purty Agate pendent!!! Find this and others from robinsgoneshopn!

And speaking of Agate... how about a carved Agate dolphin?  From curiocache!

Gotta keep my mind on Christmas meteorites!! Hard to when there's so many great gift ideas from
the fine sellers at!


chateycathey said...

WOW you sure pickes some gorgeous ones to feature. Love the dolphin.

Supergranny said...

You got me looking . . these are just delicious!

Love Your Pet Expo said...

I LOVE minerals. Each one is unique. I used to tumble rocks and every once in a while I'd find something really special. Thanks for the great post.

CurioCache said...

I've got a meteorite coming! Theshoppezone (Tim) is sending me one as a "thank you" for putting trust in his family's store! See? THIS is why OLA is unbeatable!

kornkountrytreasures said...

Well, got it bookmarked and have to figure out the size. I never learned mm and all that!! hehe!

Very nice items!!