Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Short Subjects

Today is the END of November.
Today is the END of the OLA Team Blog challenge.
Today is the END of Dr Murrays sentencing hearing for Michael Jacksons death.  He got only 4 years.
Today is the END of Cyber Monday/Tuesday Sale at

Today some Miami folks posed as tourists. They say times are tough, so many people are searching for hotels with free continental breakfasts. "It is what it is, bro, times are tough and they're hungry," "They're just trying to beat the system and save a buck. The first time you're going to get away with it, the second and third time I'm going to ask you to leave." What do you think? Would you do it? Do you consider that stealing?

Britain, Norway, France are closing their embassys in Iran.   British embassy has been trashed by Iranians...they do not want the sanctions imposed by western countries.   Iranians were expelled from Britain.

I wonder what we are doing sending troops to the northern coast of Australia?  The Chinese feel that is a poke in the eye from the U.S......we're going to need more Chinese money to keep our economy afloat.  Australia is feeling some threat from China?  I'm just watching....

I wonder how the taxpayers (US) can afford to send billions to Europe to bail out the euro?  We'll be borrowing more money from the Chinese.

I wonder if today will be the end of Herman Cains candidacy for President?

After I spend some time trying to keep abreast to the happenings of the world....I need to take some time on my store...Supergrannys Treasures .  I like to spend some time at other online shops....I truly have found that the prices at Online Auction are the best and fairest priced.

As an example, this past Monday I sold a 1933 Copper World's Fair Ashtray for $10...I am happy with this sale. The young man was making his first purchase at OLA. I started looking around at other shops....prices for this item was $18 - $22. I'm happy and the customer got a good deal. I offered him a 25% discount on any purchases in the future.

Read some news everyday,  I know we all work hard.    After the END......there is always a BEGINNING!   We'll all enjoy.


chateycathey said...

I love this blog SG. Tried to leave a comment before but it would not let me. Keeping this one shorter and maybe it will. WTG girl

Fleapirates said...

Yes, the OLA Team Blog Challenge is at it's end... but I sure hope that you, and all our fabulous bloggers, keep entertaining us with your charming posts!

(And to answer your question, yes, that is stealing.)

kornkountrytreasures said...

SG, you are one of the best bloggers around!! I LOVE reading your posts!! Don't NOT post!!

And, yup, I agree with Flea!!

Love Your Pet Expo said...

SG, take a deep breath and step away from CNN. Watch a nice soap opera until your bp comes back down to normal. I'm sure Dr. Gorgeous will leave his wife to marry Lisa and give her illegitimate son a name (even though his real father is some other guy). Then there's always what's behind Door #2 and that's my final answer! (You're right about Cain, however--he has to go.)