Thursday, December 29, 2011

Barter and Trade

Does anyone remember the barter and trade system. It was not a big thing when I was born but then some still did it. I had it explained to me about how it worked. I did not need to have it explained as I had read and heard about it, but this person just needed to talk to someone so I listened.

When I was a child I guess my Mom did the barter and trade system as she took in laundry. Washed on Tuesday and hung outside to dry. Brought it in and sprinkled it with water, rolled it up and put it in the fridge on Wednesday. Ironed it when she got home from work on Thursday and took it to work with her on Friday and for this she was given chickens.

Today I saw a barter and trade with my own eyes. A lady brought some items to the train store that she hand made and the guy told her he could not buy them as business was bad. She ask if he would trade for some toys for her kids and he said yes. Deal was done. What she brought in was hand made quilted purses and they were beautiful.

I sometimes think our country is headed back to that tradition. With so many out of work and needing some things and the have the talent to do things for people I can see this going on. I see nothing wrong with that and it is a respectfully way to maybe feed your family or keep yourself from living on the streets and being hungry. It still makes me sad to think our country is moving backwards instead of forwards.

I am aware that some on OLA.COM are willing to do this. That is great. They help each other with things they need but cannot afford to buy, and get something for themselves in exchange. At OLA.COM there are a lot of people who care for others. Almost everyone I have come into contact with are awesome and helpful in every and any way they can be. That makes it a family. That also makes it a plesant place to be a member of.

If you have not checked it out yet why not go to and see just how wonderful it is to be a part of this family who goes out of it's way to help each other.

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Thank you for reading my blog. Happy New Year to all and please be safe

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