Thursday, December 29, 2011

Babies, such wonderful little bundles of joy!!

 Babies, aren't they precious? So tiny and soft, cuddly and sweet!
Here at, we have several sellers who love making things for that little bundle!

This is an absolutely adorable Baby Blue Crocheted Sweater and Hat for Boy or Girl made by Love Vintage. She has several others in different colors, too!! I just love this pattern!

And Callmemomo has outdone herself with this wonderful Handmade Crocheted Baby Blue Newborn Booties and Hat! What a gift this would make!

And Crochenlady has this adorable Crocheted Baby Jacket Newborn-3 Months, all ready for that little bundle to come home to!

This is a darling Baby Hat Peach with Flower from Acbeffect! And there are other different hats listed, even a frog with wiggly eyes!!

Or how about a Crochet Baby Booties, Bib and Bottle Warmer from our store, Kornkountrytreasures? This is in teal cotton thread with a love knot stitch around the tops and edging! We also have several other sets to choose from!!

So, if you are looking for something extra special for that precious little bundle, please don't hesitate to check out!! These were all made lovingly in the USA!!

Thank you!!


Fleapirates said...

Oh, my! Irresistible!

Although I am thankful that I don't need "baby" stuff right now... not ready to be a Grandma just yet! :D

kornkountrytreasures said...

I just love the little outfits! So cute!!

And I LOVE that pattern for the sweater and hat!!

I'm passed even the grandkids (unless daughter gets busy) but still love to look at them and crochet them!!

chateycathey said...

Beautiful hand made items for the babies. Nice blog Amy

kornkountrytreasures said...

Thanks, CC!! It helps that everyone had such beautiful items to blog about!!