Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Birthdays

We're all hustling and bustling about, preparing for the holidays this month, aren't we? Shopping, wrapping, baking, and spreading holiday cheer seem to make the month of December fly by. I wonder if the folks who have birthdays in this month feel neglected?

Today is my friend's birthday... you know her as Supergranny! Of course I did not let her feel neglected today. In fact, I think I may dot birthday greetings all over the internet for her throughout the day. Hehehe. Please take a moment to stop by her store and leave her a greeting. You just might find a treasure that you cannot live without... there's a reason she's OLA's Seller of the Month for December! You'll find great treasures at bargain prices, and you'll receive the very best in customer service.

Now Supergranny is not the only person I know to be celebrating a birthday in December. How about you? Who do you know?

And did you also know that you can find all sorts of birthday themed items at OLA? I went browsing. (Imagine that!)

You can get a lovely edible image to decorate a cake!
From CaliforniaTreasures!

This would be a charming birthday gift! It's a Josef's Originals, available from Goldi.

To create the perfect birthday party, how about this fun Candy Bar Cake, from Bigo57?

Don't forget the balloons! There's a great selection at Bedding4Me!

So don't leave your December friends feeling neglected! As of today, there are hundreds of auctions and buy-it-now listings with the word "birthday" in the title. Stop by OLA, snoop around and find the perfect gift or decoration, at an affordable price, so you'll still be able to play Santa!


Aesthetics48 said...

what a good idea. with xmas so much of the focus we forget about our friends with birthdays this time of year! BTW SG....... Happy Birthday.

kornkountrytreasures said...

Some great ideas for birthdays! I love the idea of the candy bar cake!!

SG, I hope you have a WONDERFUL birthday!! You deserve it!!

chateycathey said...

Happy Birthday SuperGranny. Hope it is as wonderful for you as your are for us.

CurioCache said...


Supergranny said...

Thank you all for the greetings. Sorry...I'm just under the weather and wish you could feel me cuz I don't feel well.

chateycathey said...

LMAO Even when SG don't feel well she still makes me alugh. Thanks Granny