Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Sick Note

I was sent a cute Youtube video called The Sick Note. This you must see!! Very funny!

In real life, some of these might come in handy!

Little kids feel better after a good story like Doctor Dan the Bandage Man from Classic_Chloe!

Need to send someone a special get well message? How about this cute 18 In Mylar Get Well Bandage Balloon from Bedding4me?
A Cordless Facial Massager from CVMSO021 really does the trick!

And for the body aches, how about this Flex Affect Palm Massager from Larrys?

Or this oldie but goodie GE Full Body Percussion Massager New in Box from Clarksantiques might fit the bill!!

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Enjoy the video!! Thank you!!


CurioCache said...

What a cute blog!! Thanks for sharing!!!

chateycathey said...

That was just too cute. Thanks for sharing it Amy.