Thursday, December 8, 2011

Made In America

It is hard to find items in the stores that are completely made in America. Even companies that give their address in the United States of America still have items sent in from other countries. I bought some candy from a boy scout and when I got it the sticker said made in china.

If you are looking for made in America items you should visit Americas favorite selling and buying site has lots of items hand made and/or made in America items, such as

This item from Yoigbear66

Blue Necklace Pendant and Bracelet Set Handmade Free Shipping

Or this item from KornKountryTreasures

Green and White Doily Hand Crochet

Or this one from callmemomo

Handmade (by me) Small Tote Bag All Colors

Or this item for sale by chateycathey


The last item was not hand made but was made in America.  Check out our auction  site at The best place to be for buyers and sellers alike. You can find just about any item you are looking for, hand made or not.

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CurioCache said...

Thanks for the great blog! It is hard to find Made in America stuff, but with a little research it can be done! I just bought a closeout lot of baby human tops that are made with organic dyes, and all Made in America. Can't wait to get them listed!

callmemomo said...

Thanks so much for including one of my items!!!! I try to always buy American. Unfortunately, that's not always possible with so many industries going overseas. But I do it as much as I can!! Great blog!!!!

chateycathey said...

Thank you ladies and I will list more tomorrow on the same subject.

kornkountrytreasures said...

Super blog, CC! One thing to remember is that with a lot of older pieces of cookware and such they WERE made in America!!

Buying used isn't such a bad idea after all!! I love the old mixing bowls, etc made right here in the USA!!!

Thanks for the mention!!

Made In America said...

Hello All,

I wanted to post here because I see people are looking for Made In America Products. Finding and Buying Made In America Product can be misleading sometimes too, even if you think you are doint the right thing. On my Web Site, LINKS to manufacturers that I have emailed with are the first category. The second category on LINKS is dedicated to the Made In America Product Search Engines and Product Directories. The combination of these to resources should help you find Pans, Clothes, Archery, Snowshoes, Glass Straws, and so much more that is Made In America. There are honestly and literally Millions of products that can be found via Take a look. Use the ContactUs page if you want to list a Made In America Product or Directory - it only takes me a couple minutes to put up a new listing. Hope you stop by.

Made In America said...

The first most obvious tip is to look at product labels. Find those 3 little words "Made in USA". Everyone forgets to do this sometimes, but if you make a conscience effort you will be able to increase your American product spend. We can discuss why, and how much later. The next action you can take if you know what you want, is research the product, find a manufacturer and look at their retail location locator, assuming they have one. Product web sites all have Contact Us buttons, use them, or call the company. If you are planning to buy their product, they ought to be able to tell you where you can find their product.
How do you research the companies you ask? I like to tell you to go to my web site at On this site there is a LINK page that can take you to literally and honestly Millions of Products Made In America. The page is categorized by Products first, then Meta-Links which are Made In America Product search engines and directories (sounds like my competition). By working together, the direct and Meta-links can take you to find the company that makes the product you want.
If all else fails, you can use the Contact Us form at the site shown above and request a search for your product. Be sure to describe brand, sizes, colors, companies, etc. whatever information you have about the product. If you are looking for products, such as electronics, computers, and such you are likely to run into the ocean (you know full of water, long distance). That’s OK, it is OK to buy products that are not made in America, because in some cases you have no alternative. Fair Trade is useful in our Global economy and healthy. The point – Increase your spending on Products Made In America. The 20/20 specials by Diane Sawyer gave specific numbers, and if you search Google or Yahoo you will find that report. Basically, you have so much money to spend every month out of your budget, increase the amount out of that budget that is spent on products Made In America, and you will help to create jobs in America.
Everyone has to do their part. If hundreds of millions of Americans do this, Billions of dollars will stay in America. Those dollars mean that a factory, or small shop can keep and maybe hire people.
The quality of American products is quite good. Take the Gumball company (on my web site), or Remington, or the Archery company, or the Snowshoe company, an apparel company in Hemingway South Carolina (yes, I know run on, you get the point), these companies are making products that they stand behind (except the arrows…). I have personally emailed with the companies referred to here and found their management anxious for the message to sink in. The can and will keep their doors open if you buy their products.
The last point is that Made In America is not a FAD or a MOVEMENT, it is a way of life. You cannot just do this for Christmas. You have to sustain your spending in America for this economic boost to take effect. While the government, politicians, representatives are deadlocked and really doing nothing to help us, here is a solution that is in your hands! Buy Products Made In America, save and create American Jobs. Hey, like Mark Twain said ‘If I had more time, I would have written a shorter blog’. That’s the end of this rant for today.