Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday the day of Worship

Worship “a service or rite showing reverence for a deity” (Webster’s Dictionary).

Evelyn Underhill defines worship as: "The absolute acknowledgment of all that lies beyond us—the glory that fills heaven and earth. It is the response that conscious beings make to their Creator, to the Eternal Reality from which they came forth; to God, however they may think of Him or recognize Him, and whether He be realized through religion, through nature, through history, through science, art, or human life and character." I like this definition.

Worship-the Pilgrims' story of seeking religious freedom to worship has become a central theme of the history and culture of the United States. To this day, we can still enjoy this freedom.

Being that it is Sunday, the day of worship for Christians, I looked to see what was available on in the form of books, media, or accessories for worship. I came across some wonderful items, many of which would be great Christmas presents!

From Sparkys Collectible Magnets I found some wonderful little suncatchers! They come three in a package and really would make a nice stocking stuffer! He has several sets so take a peek at what is available!

From Omermike I found a wonderful Bible cover! Beautifully made from tapestry, this will keep your Bible in great condition!

Or this Dicksons Psalms 23 case is really nice and will fit a larger Bible from TLC-me2you!

The Word by Charleton Heston is one of the most beloved CD’s out there! And Bchaflingers has one listed right now!

Akelly110 has a childrens book Stories of the Bible from the Old Testament for sale! Perfect for the kids or grandkids!

Hockeymom1965 has a nice NIV Compact Nave’s Topical Bible listed for only $1.00.

To keep your place and not lose your bookmark, how about this pretty Beaded Bookmark and Book Huggie with a Christian cross? It is handcrafted by Maggiemaybecrafty and would fit nicely in someone’s stocking!

Ioffer.itall has a wonderful Deluxe Edition Catholic Holy Bible listed!

And if you like to keep your papers and Bible together and protected, we have a very nice Bible satchel for you to choose from in our store-Korn Kountry Treasures.

This Sunday, after worship, you can easily check out the items that I’ve listed and more! Just another idea for holiday giving! Enjoy and thank you for shopping with!


CurioCache said...

What a cool post!! Thanks!!!

chateycathey said...

Super post Amy. Also some great finds but mostly I loved the blog and it's meaning and information.