Sunday, December 4, 2011


Ola has taught me so much that I don't know where to begin, so I will type what comes to mind. I just hope I don't forget anything or anyone.

The sellers and buyers taught me that it  does not have to be a chore to sell or buy online. As I came here from another place, I was a little bit bitter about selling on line, however since the first day I signed up with OLA.COM it was and is like a new world.

I have made friends by going to the chat rooms and I have learned that the other people at treat you like family just as soon as they know you are here. And they care about one another and what is going on in their lives besides selling and buying. Always quiick to say "can I help" or "what do you need".

At everyone shares ideas and information. No one at the other site I sold at even knew my real name or cared to know it. I feel sorry for those people who do not know what it is like to be a part of the decision making where they sell.  It is not all about the money in our community. It is about the people also.

When we were challenged to a November blog I did not know what blogging was all about. I also did not know anything about the +1 to google, what sharing with Face Book and Tweeting could do for our ratings and our stores. And it was fun setting a new record for blogs in one year.

People who I have met here are awesome and honest. Yes, I had a problem with one person and it was settled quickly and fairly. I cannot believe that in less than a year I am pushing 500 feed backs. That is something else I learned at Promoting yourself and your site pays off in so many ways. People in the know at ola share their knowledge with the rest of us in the chats and also teach us one on one how to do things. That is special.

Another thing that is special is the monthly radio show that we can all be a part of while sitting in our own homes. Listen in while will probably interview the seller of the month for December within the first five minutes of the show. Congratulations to, well done. Metzy does such a great job at hosting the show. Always new information there as well.

I have learned about a lot of things from mistletoe and  christmas trees to toilet paper.
Learned about it in the OLATEAMBLOG along with a lot of other really cool stuff and some great information. Also was given links to stores I have not visited yet, but I see they have some nice items and I am not done Christmas shopping yet. Someone else put the link in their blog for stores that did not know it. Just another way of caring and sharing at

I am so happy to be at OLA.COM. It is my online home and the first place I check when I sign on for the day. I want to know who is doing a special sale and who is listing new items and what they are.

I would like to thank a few special people at , &, For running the special auctions and collecting funds for a special member who is recovering from cancer surgery and in need of help right now. God bless you both and all who contributed to the cause. Also thank you  to   http//, I want to say thank you for all that you did to bring notice to a lot of sellers by blogging about them and giving their link to their store. Other members also did the same things and if I list them all here no one will read the blog because it will be too long.

To OLA.COM, the staff and inside workers we do not know and see often but they keep the wheels greased and running great I say thank you so much for all you do. Frank answers the phone when you call for help, and he knows the answers. And Renee who helps keep us all up to date, shares our  stores on face book, tweets, runs the specials like "how many candies in the jar", decorate OLA logo and many others. Thank you all so much for making the best place to be a member and partner of.
To and  you both are so super for giving your time to help others with their stores. To one who had to call me to get me the help I needed I thank you

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and if I left anyone out I appoligize. Please leave a comment as they all count.

Be safe, be healthy and be happy


kornkountrytreasures said...

Ahhhhhhh!! CC, thank you so much!! (blushing) You don't know how very special YOU are to us!!

Like you said, we are all family!! Which is why we promote other stores, even when we could be just promoting our own. Or why we participate in helping others gain success where other sites are just out for themselves!! Family!! Thank you, sweetie!! You are someone I am PROUD to call a friend!!

chateycathey said...

Thank you KK and I feel the same about you and all of my OLA buds