Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Advertise Your Business

Member of OnLineAuction.com are very creative when it comes to advertising their stores and their on line selling sites. I got the idea to do this blog from one of them and then others chimed in with their ideas, so I am sharing their thoughts and ideas with you.

From Dustycorners I got the idea and she will be the first one you will read.

I listen to a crafty radio show twice a month (similar to ola radio) and they talk about advertising your business, marketing, do's and don'ts and other things.

This morning one member typed in the chat that she needed help on something and I waited but no one else took the lead. So, in short conversation, I advertised where I sell and she will visit this site & check it out.

Take every opportunity you can to get your business name out there!

One member mentioned while they were shopping in a craft store they found a business card advertising jewelry supplies stuck in a jewelry project magazine. You would need to be discreet, of course, while doing this. But you get the idea

Standing in line at the grocery store, post office, DMV office, anywhere!, just strike up a conversation with someone close to you. That person may not be that interested, but maybe someone close over hears your conversation and would be interested.
Pass out business cards while you are waiting!
Be sure to smile and not appear to be pushy. Wink
You could advertise something you give away free on the back of the business card to get them interested in coming to your store.

I am going to practice passing out business cards more than in the past. I may put 25% off first item purchase. With limits, of course, because you don't want to be cutting into your profit of a single item. Or maybe give away something with their first purchase (customers like the word FREE!) with discounts on repeat business.

Do you have an OLA pin? Wear it! Someone just may ask what that is Smile I think I am going to make some wooden pins with my business card image and clip it on my jacket. People notice those things:)

The market changes constantly, even on a local level & today's buyers are looking for a bargain. Give them something that makes them feel like they found a treasure before someone else did.
Remember when you were a kid, and found something you thought was fantastic, then couldn't wait to tell your friends because you found it and they didn't. Kinda like that.
Get them talking!

I would like to see what other members are doing in their own area to promote their business. You can visit her store at http://ola.com/store/dustycorners

The next one came from Aesthetiics48

Good Ideas Dusty Very Happy

I was thinking that I would start making and including some magnetic business cards in my packages. Sort of makes a little gift and people use them on their refrigerators.

I used to do that with my hair dressing business.

You can see all her items she promotes by going to http://ola.com/store/aesthetics48

The next entry came from me chateycathey

Dusty I agree with everything you said and I do it all. However I never thought to write on the back of the card about a free gift or discount. I leave cards everywhere I go even put them on top of tips at restaurants while we travel. I am now gonna write on the back of the card (only as I hand it to them as would make them feel special) offering a percentage off first purchase with a code they need to mention on it. Not going to do that with cards I leave at rest areas. Will put on those to be sure to check for special sales all through the year. We drive OLA everywhere we go as I had Large OLA magnets made for both sides of the van or truck, which ever one we decide to take. So Ola goes where we go and we have had lots of people ask us what it means and there is my chance to talk with them and give them a card "special" just for them. Thanks for posting this and reminding some and giving me new ideas. Super and you should do a Blog about this on the ola team blog. Now that would be great. Thanks
You can check out my items at http://ola,com/store/chateycathey

The next one came from curiocache

Most definitely blog-worthy! There is/was a big huge slot machine in Circus Circus a couple of years ago that was an Ebay game! I had some of Davendebs stickers with me, and it took all my will power not to cover it with them! (then I remembered the whole camera thing, and thought I better not....)  Visit her at http://ola.com/store/curiocache
Of course she had offers to bail her out.

The next one comes from American-Hippie

One of my favorite tricks is to put OLA Postcards into magazines at the doctors and dentist office. I tuck them in tight so they don't fall out and get thrown away by the staff.

My absolute favorite trick is to take OLA Postcards and tape them to the back of bathroom stall doors. When a woman is sitting there, that card will get her full attention because, well, there's nothing else around! If I don't have OLA Postcards, I use my business cards that carry the OLA Logo. The cool thing about putting those cards on the backs of the doors (besides getting attention from the seated woman) is that housekeepers don't look at the back of the door when they check for cleanliness or toilet paper refilling... so it's taped there until someone pulls it off to use. I do this at rest stops, casinos, restaurants, anywhere there are stall doors.

You can check her out at http://ola.com/store/AmericanHippie

I am sure there are more and as they list them on different pages I will list them in another blog. You have to admit these people are serious about what they do and where they do it. They are all very good at it and have great ideas on how to promote themselves and http://ola.com/

Let us know in the chats if you have some ideas we may all use that are not mentioned here and be sure to visit their stores and see what great items they have to offer you


Aesthetics48 said...

You are just so clever, using daily topics! Good idea. :D

Dusty Corners said...

Great blog! Shows the spirit of teamwork by the OLA members.
Thanks for posting this!

Krautrock said...

Thanks for the blog.

CurioCache said...

Awesome!! Thanks for the tips, and now I'm gonna use one of my favorite "prospecting" tools...sharing on Facebook!

kornkountrytreasures said...

I am glad SOMEBODY blogged this!! Super cool idea, CC! I particularly loved the one in the restroom!!! LOL!!