Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inventions by Women

I did not realize that women played such a huge part in the world of inventions! According to Fact Monster, this is a just a partial list of inventions by women:

Alphabet blocks Adeline D. T. Whitney 1882

Apgar tests, which evaluate a baby’s health upon birth Virginia Apgar 1952

Chocolate-chip cookies Ruth Wakefield 1930

Circular saw Tabitha Babbitt 1812

Dishwasher Josephine Cochran 1872

Disposable diaper Marion Donovan 1950

Electric hot water heater Ida Forbes 1917

Elevated railway Mary Walton 1881

Engine muffler El Dorado Jones 1917

Fire escape Anna Connelly 1887

Globes Ellen Fitz 1875

Ironing board Sarah Boone 1892

Kevlar, a steel-like fiber used in radial tires, crash helmets, and bulletproof vests Stephanie Kwolek 1966

Life raft Maria Beaseley 1882

Liquid Paper®, a quick-drying liquid used to correct mistakes printed on paper Bessie Nesmith 1951

Locomotive chimney Mary Walton 1879

Medical syringe Letitia Geer 1899

Paper-bag-making machine Margaret Knight 1871

Rolling pin Catherine Deiner 1891

Rotary engine Margaret Knight 1904

Scotchgard™ fabric protector Patsy O. Sherman 1956

Snugli® baby carrier Ann Moore 1965

Street-cleaning machine Florence Parpart 1900

Submarine lamp and telescope Sarah Mather 1845

Windshield wiper Mary Anderson 1903

I can certainly understand some of the inventions. After all, who did the dishes, carried the baby, rolled out the pie crust, ironed the clothes and baked the cookes? According to Fact Monster a lot of inventions were never credited to women because they could not hold a patent in their name. Therefore, a lot of husbands got the credit!

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Thank you!


Supergranny said...

Aren't we females so clever?

chateycathey said...

Very Very interesting Amy.

CurioCache said...

Fun! And thanks for pointing out Fact Monster - I've never heard of it..gonna check it out!