Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hello my friends,
today I like to introduce my wife`s business: TEDDY ATELIER STURSBERG. - Claudia started making Teddies in the very early 1990s.
In 1995 we went on holiday to Berlin. And we have visited to TEDDY MUSEUM BERLIN (mentioned in the Guiness Book of Records). The owner (Florentine Bredow) told us about an exhibition that she is going to run at the museum later that year. So I have introduced my wife to Florentine as a Teddy Artist. And she said straight away: you need to come and show/sell some of your Teddies at this event. ... We did. And it was the start of a long-term friendship. The museum bought many Teddies from us (Claudia), which are still on display. Shortly after the event we started selling the Teddies on national Craft fairs. In the late 1990s we`ve started to sell on international events. TEDDY ATELIER STURSBERG aka Claudia Stursberg had several articles in German, Dutch, and UK magazines throughout the years. We have sold Teddies around the world. - The most famous buyer/collector we had so far is the legendary US Folk Singer Carolyn Hester. She bought one of the Teddies while she was visiting us in Wuppertal. - Today you can find us on a weekly market in Keswick (Lake District) and several other Art & Craft fairs throughout the northern part of England.
I have listed one of our Teddies on OLA. His name is ROLF.
If you like such items, I might list some more. ...


kornkountrytreasures said...

I love these! Your wife is a very talented woman!! And I KNOW there are a lot of teddy bear collectors out there that would love these!!!

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