Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Don't Work??

Went to get comission check today from gal who has some of my items for sale for me. After we visited with her in her brick and motar store we decided to stop and eat out. Nothing new as we do this a lot when we go to GA to either take her some more items or go get my monthly check. Kinda of a nice day especially getting a good size check.

So, we went to our favorite restaurant close by there and while waiting for our food we were drinking coffee and discussing business and sales. I guess the people sitting right behind us heard our conversation as I heard her ask our waitress where I work. The answer she gave her set me back. Her reply was "Oh, she doesn't work she sells on line" This got to me more than just a litttle bit.

Selling on line is my job. I work at so many aspects of making that work for me. Taking pictures, editing pictures, getting items listed, promoting my store and my items, promoting  other members stores and items, updating my listings, blogging on OLA TEAM BLOG,  having specials, participating in special events, checking in each day and if items sell then sending out invoices, getting packages ready to go, waiting for payments, going to the PO and shipping each item including delivery confirmation, keeping records of who bought what, how they paid, if they paid within a reasonable amount of time. I could go on and on as it is MY JOB and I work at it.

There are some days I just tell my hubby I am taking the day off to do what I want to do today, which for me is just relaxing and crocheting some items I am behind on. It does not always work as I plan because before I can take that day off I need to go to my store and see what is going on, checking omail, answering omail, checking the chats to see what is posted and replying, making sure I am doing my part to be a part of the family which is exactly what my selling site has. One big family with each of us helping the other. At OLA.COM there is a We attitude and to be part of we there are somethings to do. One is participating and interacting with others.

I did not say anything to the waitress but I left my OLA card on the table with the tip. I also saw the people behind us and offered her one of my cards too. She took it and said thank you.

For anyone selling at OLA.COM I think you will know exactly how I feel when someone says "she don't work, she sells on line". There are a lot who have a job outside of the home and still have a store here on OLA.COM and run it very well. I can only imagine how much rest they DO NOT get. I respect them for working two jobs. I am fortunate enough to be able to stay home and there are some days I spend as much as 11 to 12 or 14 hours a day on my computer.

When I sold at the other spot I did not spend as much time on line as it was just listing and sitting back and praying for sales. There was no WE. There was no help from other members to get us started in the right direction in getting our stores noticed and out items shown. I knew very little about networking when I came here and I now am able to give a tip here and there to others to help them.

OLA.COM  is the best place to sell on line and also to work with.

Yes I have a job and yes I work. My job is my store at chateycathey at OLA.COM and you can clikc here chateycathey and see only part of what makes it work. So when you hear someone say you don't work you know better. No ones stores work if the owner of that store does not work at it.

Well thanks for letting me write off some steam. Doing it this was is better than offending a nice waitress at one of our favorite restaurants. Until and unless she has an online business she will never understand the work that goes making it work.

Be safe, be healthy and be happy.


CurioCache said...

And, you do a GREAT job!! :)

chateycathey said...

Thank you. I try to do best I know how and here if I don't know someone else will come to the rescue LOL

Krautrock said...

I`ve made the same experience. Online seller are lazy people and not able to find a paid job. ... Well, I roughly make £ 2,000 a month (approx. $ 3,000 USD) with online sales. And yes: I am lazy. And I don`t want to get a paid job where I need to work for a minimum wage and a lousy tip. ... xxx

goldi said...

Great blog JoAnn, and selling online is a lot of work..

goldi said...

Great blog JoAnn and you hit the nail on the head, selling online is a lot of work.. and you do great at your work.. said...
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Wow.....that was not very considerate of her. I hope you feel better now that you have been able to vent. I am with you on this one. It is definately a FULL time job and then some. Sounds like you are doing great and hoping I can be as successful as you are with online sales.