Monday, January 9, 2012 just makes $en$e!

After seeing a favorite, although very brief, seller disappear from only to re-appear at another site, I was prompted to see if they are "saving" anything by doing that. Here's what I figured out using an item I would have purchased on e*ay ..a sack of dirt. Okay - not just dirt, but mining concentrate, with an unknown amount of gold flakes in it.

This is assuming only one item is being listed, and only one picture, as there is an insertion fee after 50 items, and a .15 per pic charge after one.

Winning Auction Price 17.00
Shipping  5.85
Total purchase: 22.85

Final Value Fee 9%  (sale price + shipping) = 2.05
Paypal (required) fee of 2.9% +.30 per item charge = .96
Total cost to seller for selling one 17.00 item = 3.01

17.00 - 3.01 = 13.99 to seller.
(no telling how much the item cost the seller in the first place..)

Now, if the item didn't sell, you have to manually relist it, and pay any additional fees such as additional pictures (you only get one there..) or Buy It Now fees.. If it didn't sell again, then rinse and repeat.

How much would it cost at

8.00 a month.

For 3 more pictures? ZERO.
Final value fee? NADA.
To list more than one, say, 1000 different items? Zip. Zilch.
To take a check, money order or other payment other than paypal? Nutin' honey.
To relist AUTOMATICALLY for infinity?...

So this seller of golden dirt only needs to sell ONE bag to pay for their whole month of selling.
And, they can just dig and package hundreds of paydirt sacks and list away - with no additional fees, and making more and more profit for themselves!! Those really WOULD be sacks of gold!

THAT is what I call a win-win... and the kind of gamble I like!

Here is 1 gram of gold offered for sale by marvella55

I don't have any gold for sale, but I have some other cool things in my stores curiocache and crittercache! Stop by and take a peek!


kornkountrytreasures said...

Yes, the difference can be staggering. I just look at it like each person has to find their own comfort zone and try to make a good fit for people who join!!

Being in has made me more tolerant with other sellers on other sites because we strive to work as a team here and support each other.

I wish them good luck but know that they are leaving the best!

chateycathey said...

What an awesome blog and there is no better way to display the difference. You did a great job with this one.