Monday, January 9, 2012


We at have some super items that concern safety!!

This wonderful shade not only protects your child from UV rays but also lets people know you have precious cargo! Check out this BABY ON BOARD FULL SIZE FOLDING ROLLER SHADE by SAFETY 1st. from 1947Girl!! The great thing is, she has more than one available!!

Ever feel like you could use an extra handrail around the tub? This Instant Bathroom and Household Safety Bar from Bedding4me will certainly fit the bill!! And, she also has more than one available!!

If you have small children or pets in the area, you certainly want to see that they aren't behind you when you back out of your drive!! This Car SUV Backup Mirror from Johnnie1843 will give you that extra reassurance!!

In the shop, if you're a welder, you know how tricky those lines can be and how dangerous!! This Coxreels Safety Series Twin Line Spring-Driven Welding Hose Reel from Bearmart will put them where they belong, safe and secure!!

And if you are a handgun owner, you need something to keep that gun away from children!! This Aegis Security Safe Handgun Safe from our store, KornKountryTreasures will allow easy access for YOU but keep the little ones OUT!!

Whatever it is you are looking for, please check out!! Great sellers, great items, great site!!

Thank you!!


CurioCache said...

Great ideas! Can't be too careful!

CurioCache said...

Great ideas! Can't be too careful!

scelegance said...

Awesome! Thanks Amy! That safety bar is really nice! It can save someone from slipping and falling in the tub! I have sold many of them and heard nothing but great things!!

chateycathey said...
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chateycathey said...

Amy you are the best blogger. You always find interesting things to blog about. I rack my brain to come up with something, but gonna snoop around and see what I can come up with. Thanks for the great blogs