Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

It's been a tough couple of years lately for everyone. This year we have elections and I am sure that we will tire (if not already) of all the rhetoric!! Jobs are still scarce and good paying jobs are just not there with a lot of our manufacturing being done overseas.

Does this affect you? Certainly. This country is like a line of dominos. Push one and eventually the last one will fall, too. It doesn't matter if you are now wealthy. You could join the bottom ranks very quickly as a lot of people have found out the past few years.

I'd like to think that our country could work together to better the COUNTRY! It's not me against you, I'm better than you or I'm richer than you!! We are in this TOGETHER! is kind of a microcosm of what the country should be like. One person helping another, helping another, helping another and so on . . . We at have different politics, different values, different beliefs, different religions but we work together OVER AND ABOVE what these differences are to better the entire community of! I would like to think that the people of the United States of America can do the same!!

So for the first day of this new year, I would like to invite you to think of how YOU can make a difference in some small way to help another, to help another, to help another and so on . . . Let us all work together OVER AND ABOVE the differences in politics, values, beliefs and religions to better the country. If we all work together, this will be a very prosperous year . . . perhaps not in material things but in rebuilding our country to what it should be . . . our community, our home.

May God bless this United States of America this year and may He heal our differences.

Happy New Year, everyone!!


chateycathey said...

WOW what a great blog. I too do not like the direcction our country is headed in. I wish we could offer something to bring the jobs back. People need help bad. You are right. Helping each other is what we do at OLA and that is what our country needs to do. Help within our boundries to rebuild the United States of America. Great blog Amy

callmemomo said...

Great blog Amy. And where did you get my picture? (frog)

kornkountrytreasures said...

Thanks CC and Momo! I just figured if our little site can do it, so can the country!!

And I stole the pic!! Not really, got it at PB!!

CurioCache said...

I'm very very optimistic for our country's future. I think Generation Y is a fantastically sharp, aware and informed group of "kids" - at least all the ones I know and work with. Thanks for the wonderfully inspiring blog!!