Monday, January 2, 2012

The World of Collector Plates

What is a collector plate? Is it some symbol of a life gone by? Is it a piece of art or is it just another dish? Why do people collect plates? After all, you can only have so many, right? Wrong! I’ve known people who just enjoy seeing a work of art on a piece of porcelain or china! And after all, these are smaller than a full picture!!

I have no idea who started the tradition of collecting plates. I know that my grandmother had a few that were given to her by my grandfather’s sisters and she passed them down to my mother. I think pretty plates were kept as “special” plates. In her day, I don’t think there were plates with art like a picture, just floral patterns or possibly birds and the like.

My mother loved dishes of any kind! She was more into the individual, one of a kind plate, rather than one in a series showing a picture. She had a "plate rail" all around the dining room and even then ran out of room! So I have inherited a lot of old plates from her that I dearly love. Why? They remind me of her and my grandmothers. I even have a wooden plate and bowl that Daddy made back in the ‘60’s and Mom painted a Pennsylvania Dutch type folk art on them!

Now you can find all types of plates! I love the Rockwell series, the Hummel plates, and plates that tell a story. These have become very collectable! We also have plates that show a particular part of life gone by such as some barn plate, one that I'm going to show you!

Just take a look and see the wonderful world of collector plates! These are but a few of the wonderful plates out there for the serious collector!

And I love old barns! This is the Franciscan Porcelain 1983 Bucks County Barn Harris Hien Collector Plate from Redheadedgoddess! And she has others!!

And who doesn't love the picture of the proud eagle in flight? This is

Of course, I am partial to the blue and white of Currier Ives! I have this in a trivet! This

This darling plate is the

This is a marvelous set of TWO plates!

Rockwell is very popular! Here is Norman Rockwell Collector Plate - Worlds Away – Knowles offered by Judys99999! And she has other Rockwell plates, also!!

 And here is NORMAN ROCKWELL / LIMITED EDT./ WAITING ON THE SHORE offered by Plusizeglamor! She also has others!

This is one of my favorites!! A beautiful rendition of a Native American couple! This is Through the Years by Don Ruffin that is in our store,

So, whatever your fancy, take a moment to browse through the collector plates on! There are a lot listed and some wonderful finds!! Check them out!!

Thank you!!


CurioCache said...

Beautiful choices to feature!

chateycathey said...

You know me and collector plates Amy, so you have to know I love this blog. The plates are just brautiful and my weakness.