Friday, February 24, 2012

Metzy's in Grants Pass!!

Wednesday Night: Hotel in Oroville California (CASINO!!!!)

Metzy met up with MaggieMayBeCrafty Wednesday!! They had a blast!! Amy~MaggieMayBeCrafty posted that they had dinner Wednesday night, talked for hours, gambled then talked some more. Met up for breakfast before Metzy took off to continue her journey! Awesome!

Next, Metzy met up with Suze-CountryNaturals and her daughter!! Had lunch with them!!

And the big push to Grants Pass!! She was looking forward to dinner with Renee and her son!!

So, the next post will be her interview about the show!!

Don't miss it!!


Aesthetics48 said...

I just know they are all having a blast! Can't wait to hear the Radio Show at I hope that is still on, I am so jealous that I'm on the east coast and not the west!!

CurioCache said...

Thanks for posting all this!! So exciting! I wish I could drive more than 10 miles.. used to drive all over the country but sadly not anymore.