Thursday, February 23, 2012

Metzy's trip . . . .

Talked to Metzy just a few minutes ago.

She had a travel tip for us!!

Travel tip #1 from Metzy: "You can always tell the kind of stay you will have by the bathroom."

She said the Gold Country Casino in Oroville is amazing!! The bedroom is bigger than all her bedrooms in her house!! The bathroom is exceptional with a rubber ducky for the roman tub!! Wow!!

She said it is so clean, she doesn't even want to leave a deposit!!

The hotel she stayed at in Hollywood was also exceptional.
The hotel in Monteray was a disaster. Pictures to come later.

She is on her way to have breakfast with Amy~MaggieMayBeCrafty and then on to have lunch with Suze~CountryNaturals. After that is the big push to Grants Pass!!

Woohoo!! You go, girl!!

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