Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alcohol . . . . . simple and cheap!!

Okay, I’ve used alcohol for several years for removing sticker residue, cleaning laptops, smudges and the like. And I was quite surprised when I found that it can even remove permanent marker (usually). I even wipe down books with slick covers. Just pour a little alcohol on a rag and wipe. Cleans them right up and it dries fast so it doesn’t damage anything. Great for wiping laptops, electronic items, etc. because again, it dries FAST and you are only wiping off the item, not dunking it.

Ever notice your telephone? Doesn’t matter if it’s landline or cell, they BOTH get grungy if you don’t wipe them off once in awhile. Eeeuuuuuwwww!!! Remote controls, too! Have you looked at yours recently?
How about your dry erase board? I have one that must be about 8 years old. I keep it around because I like the red. It gets pretty stained with the grandkids leaving messages all over it!! I just take a paper towel, pour a little alcohol on it and rub off the residue! Much cheaper than that spray cleaner! Just look at the before and after pictures!!

Fingerprints on CD's and DVD's? Just use a soft cloth and a little rubbing alcohol.
So I keep a bottle around just for cleaning projects!! And there ARE different strengths!! Some are stronger than others.

On the cautionary side, always be aware of what you are using it on. Sometimes alcohol can ruin the object you are trying to clean.

Keep good ventilation. The smell can be quite overpowering. And if dryness is an issue, use gloves to protect your hands.

ALWAYS keep away from fire and heat sources!! Alcohol is extremely flammable!!

I still keep it in the bathroom for the antiseptic qualities, cleaning pierced ears, stop itch on mosquito and bug bites and such but have just upped the use!!

Oh, did you know that if you get into poison ivy, the best thing to do is SCRUB with a degreasing dish soap like Dawn and then rub down with alcohol. This will cut the oily residue and help prevent the rash.

Sometimes the old fashioned products can still serve us well!!!
Put your thinking cap on!! What unusual item do you use?
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Susan Molthop said...

Great post! Can't use it on fancy new TV screens, however.

Another old remedy is white vinegar for cat urine. Removes stain and odor better than any store-bought product we've found.

chateycathey said...

Google'd it, FB'd it, tweeted it and loved it. Great information and a lot of it I knew and some I did not know. Thanks for a great blog.

kornkountrytreasures said...

I didn't know that for cat urine!! Could have used that last year!! LOL!! Now if I can just remember it!!