Monday, October 28, 2013

I LIKE old things!

"Do not resent growing old . . . many are denied that pleasure." ~ Unknown
In this day and age, we have become a throw away society. I love old things, perhaps that is because I am reaching those higher numbers myself! So, when I come across some finds, I think it is great!!
Here are just a few!
This antique parlor lamp is just the greatest! Beautiful jade and such simple elegance!
You can find this at RoundPrairie2's!
Gorgeous is just one word to describe this beauty! The silver filigree on this brooch is beautiful! Ida2002 has a lot of beautiful things to offer!

This lovely antique Christmas light up church/music box is just in time for the holidays! Available with a lot of other fine items at Dusty Corners!

I particularily love this Antique Hamilton Open Faced pocket watch offered by 1967P4!

I love these old stoves! This one is a 1920 Regent Gas Stove ~ offered by NYMinuteMan! They have some awesome restaurant items and other vintage pieces!

Or how about this GORGEOUS Tiffany Coffee Creamer and Sugar set from 1890! And check out other items at Smoxury!

And this is just a wonderful find! From 1909Ventillo, this is a beautiful 1930's or newer Wedding Ring Quilt!! It is a beautifully hand sewn quilt with bright colors and has been dry cleaned! Just a fabulous buy!
These were just some of the finds this week! What will I find next week? Time will tell!
Check us out at KornKountryTreasures while you are looking around! We have lots to offer and would love to have you stop by!
Browse through the other stores on! You will be glad you did!


chateycathey said...

What a great blog Amy. You sure did find some treasures. I love the filligree brooch and the old stove brings back memories. Keep up the good work.

Dusty Corners said...

Thank you for mentioning my store and item! Great blog! I love old things, too, and that stove would be beautiful restored. Thanks for the "memories" KornKountryTreasures

Aesthetics48 said...

I just love those old stoves!!