Thursday, October 17, 2013

Seasons and Holidays

This great blog was done by Dusty Corners and at the bottom it says Chateycathey...I just posted it for her...she is the author.

As the holidays are fast approaching, the seasons changing, shoppers and sellers are gearing up for fun festivities.

What is your favorite holiday? My first favorite is Christmas as it has so many fond memories for me, from my earliest childhood years to most recent before my mother passed away. The celebration of Christmas is usually joyous, happy, and sharing

My second favorite holiday is Halloween. This is when you can have fun decorating your home inside and out, create make believe scenarios that can be whimsical or macabre. For years I decorated outside my home with life size witches and scarecrows, adding special lighting to enhance the mood of the scene after the sun set. One year we had lots of children roaming the neighborhood in search for the treats that await them at each door that opened. Much to my delight, my life size witch scared the littlest goblins as they walked by her to and from my door. She did look realistic!

Halloween also brings out the interest in dead things, like bones and skulls. I found this book most interesting on the subject:

The Book of Skulls

Synopsis: The skull is one of the most recognizable symbols of today’s contemporary visual culture. Since its 1970s renaissance in the iconic album designs of bands such as the Grateful Dead, the skull has found its way into the visual vocabulary of urban life, adorning T-Shirts, badges and rock memorabilia as the ultimate symbol of anarchy and rebellion. Repurposed and recast by artists, illustrators and designers, it has become one of the most iconic cultural symbols of our time. In response to this cultural phenomenon, The Book of Skulls presents a cool visual guide to the skull, charting its rebirth through music and street fashion to become today’s ultimate anti-establishment icon. From Black Sabbath to Cypress Hill, skater punk graffiti to Gothic tattoos, from high-couture to Hello Kitty and Dali to Damien Hirst, this book is the ultimate collection of cool and iconic skull motifs. Drawing together artwork from music, fashion, street art and graphic design The Book of Skulls is a celebration of one of today’s most iconic cultural symbols.

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