Wednesday, August 5, 2009

EAPG Swan with Mesh Compote 1882 by Canton Glass

I love old glassware! Well, I love old pottery, too, and lots of other old things! I love hunting for antique glassware, and then I love hunting for the patterns in the reference books I have, or researching online. Some glass is pretty easy to identify, like colored depression glass. Identifying Early American Pattern Glass, abbreviated EAPG for short, is much more of a challenge. EAPG is glassware made in America, of course, and made roughly between 1850-1910. The majority of it was made in clear glass, with some pieces made in colors.

I can have a piece of glass in front of me, and search and search, and not find the pattern. Then another time, I will be looking to identify a different piece, and the pattern from the other piece that drove me crazy will pop out at me in one of my books. But some sources say there are approx. 3000 EAPG patterns, so it's not surprising that identification can be a problem.

Featured in this post is a beautiful antique glass compote, in a pattern that is easy to identify. This is the SWAN WITH MESH pattern, made by Canton Glass, circa 1882. This old footed bowl is in very good condition, with some tiny bubbles in the glass, one teeny chip/flake on one diamond (see blue arrow in third picture), and some marks/wear from age/use. Not bad for being over 125 years old! No other chips or damage, and no cracks. This beautiful antique swan compote stands approx. 7-1/2" tall, and has a top diameter of approx. 9" across. This compote is clear glass. More pictures are included in my listing on

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