Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jadite Fire King Glass and White Restaurant Ware

Fire King is collectible, sturdy glassware made by Anchor Hocking Glass. Fire King can be found in various colors and patterns, and some people collect the different mugs made by Anchor Hocking over the years. The most collected and popular color is a pretty green, called jadite (also spelled jadeite or jade-ite). Fire King dishes were made for home use, and also for use in restaurants, etc. The sturdy, plain pieces made for restaurant use are called, appropriately, restaurant ware.

I have some of the white Fire King restaurant ware W295 saucers available for purchase on The white restaurant ware pieces are harder to find than the jadeite in this line, as collectors know. They are marked Fire King, and they date to circa 1959-1967. Close examination shows some manufacturing/molding imperfections, such as swirls/lines in the glass, tiny bumps, etc. as are often found on Fire King glassware. That being said, these saucers are very nice, with no chips or damage, and they have nice shine. I currently have four of these saucers available, listed for purchase in lots of two.

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