Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Livng Dead Dolls - Creepy, Fun Collection!

Wow! It's August already! And less than three months until Halloween! This collection would be great to display for Halloween, although I am sure collectors of these dolls display them year round and not just for Halloween. I have a huge lot of these very collectible dolls for sale at I am selling these for someone, and they are in my house right now, and I really hope someone buys them soon so they don't stay here too long, LOL!

There is a pretty good article about these dolls on wikipedia, if you don't know much about them and would like to learn more. I must say, the marketing is terrific on these dolls. They come in boxes called coffins, and they all have creepy or gruesome stories behind them. Some are based on real-life people, like Lizzie Borden and the Black Dahlia. Some were sold as exclusives, some have variants, lines are retired each year, and new lines come out each year. On each plastic cover, it says "I sleep with the worms." I say, "Yuck", LOL!
So if you collect Living Dead Dolls, or know someone who does, here is a good-sized collection for sale! The lot includes many dolls complete with their boxes-oh, I mean their coffins, hehe!, sealed dolls, club exclusives, miniatures, fashion victims, and even a Lou Sapphire bobble head. The set includes Jack and Jill, still sealed in their body bags, so which version is inside remains a mystery.

Click here to view this ghoulish listing, which includes more pictures and details.

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