Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Robin Story - Gardening

Birds – A Robin Story

The other day I went out into the yard to prune some spring growth from my fruit trees. The theory here is that the fruit will get more nourishment and become larger.
I got out the ladder and the pruning shears and began. I knew there was a Robin’s nest in the tree but I didn’t think that I was very close and I, certainly, had no intention of disturbing the family. Well, I guess I did get too close because, as I was trimming, all of a sudden a “thud” and I got slammed and beaked on the head by one very angry momma or papa!
I had no clue that Robins could be so vicious. Here I am on a ladder and both birds were attacking me. I ran into the patio and I looked down on my on my arm and saw blood. At first I thought it was one of the birds but soon realized it was me. I went in a cleaned up. Then I worried that the Robin that had hit me in the head might have injured them-self.
I went back outside to check things out and got chased back into the patio by both birds. They were still making quite a fuss. Then, I saw why. Their teenage baby had jumped out of the nest!! Oh my, I was really worried that they would abandon their bouncing teen. Flapping wings and jumping around the entire yard all the rest of the day. Much to my suprise, those two parents did not give up the ship but keep a watchful eye on their baby’s location at all times. It started to shower all the rest of the day and into the night.
The next morning I kept looking for activity. I did see the parents but I didn’t see the baby. Then, the Hubs went out and got attacked. He got too close to the teenager too. The parents had managed to get the baby in the pomegranate bush for the overnight. Thank goodness. I watched all day, worrying that the little bird wouldn’t get any nourishment and could die. Well, somehow, this teenager was learning how to spread his wings. He kept getting a little higher air time all day long.
By the end of the day my fears of emminant starvation were put to rest. The parents had been feeding their offspring all day long. I caught this loving caring scene late in the afternoon. I got these pictures through my window.

Scenario: Do Not prune trees while birds nest.

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