Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sex in the City - Birdie Update!

“Sex in the City” Birdie Update!

A few weeks ago I talked of my little “sex in the city” birdies. About a week ago, I thought I would give them a little more space to rest, at night, because it appeared to me that the rolled up straw shade was very lopsided and if I pushed it back and straighten it out, the birds might have more room. NOT…. ! Birds disappeared.

When I took a lader to check the opening about 4 days later, it only confirmed what I was thinking. I didn’t realize that I left the bird sweeties no space to roost at all and that is why they did not come back to sleep in the evening! Well, I readjusted the shade to where it was originally, crooked, and that opened the space back up. I did this three days ago. I just figured they were in a tree now and probably would not return.

Then, eureka, as I closed the curtains from the front room, this evening, I saw my little sweeties come back home. One was already in the opening and the other was making their way in. I am so happy they didn’t hold my rearrangement of their condo against me! Next time, I will think things through a little better before I try to be quite so helpful. I’m glad their back!

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