Friday, August 7, 2009

Marcrest Brown Daisy and Dot Sugar Bowl with Lid

Marcrest (or more accurately spelled, Mar-crest) DAISY AND DOT is the name of a brown pottery dinnerware line, made in the 1950s-1960s. As collectors know, the Daisy and Dot line was made by Western Stoneware, with some pieces made by Hull Pottery. This charming pattern consists of alternating daisy flowers and dots, hence the name. There is a wonderful website devoted to this pattern, complete with pictures showing the variety of brown pieces done in this line, as well as pictures of some of the scarcer colors other than the brown.

I currently have a wonderful sugar bowl with the hard-to-find, matching lid available for purchase at
Click here to view this listing for the Daisy & Dot sugar bowl.

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Aesthetics48 said...

Oh, My goodness...... that is so pretty! Very hard to find, too.

STUBSINC said...

This is a very rare piece of Marcrest!!!

Fleapirates said...