Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September Scavenger Hunt Come and Sign Up!

Yes its time folks! Come and join the most famous Scavenger Hunt game online!

You will have hundreds of eyeballs looking at your items for 7 days straight! Not only will also have the chance to win $100 in auction credits from OLA! Not too shabby!

Stop by and check it out today! Sign ups will be posted until Thursday, September 22 at midnight CST!

It is a lot of fun! Give it a try!


Supergranny said...

Scavenger hunts are such fun....but I am just too 'light' in the loafers to play. You younguns will have a good time! I always 'look on':)

Fleapirates said...

Difficult clues this month!

(Am I winning???) lol