Sunday, November 6, 2011

Are You A Jewelry Hoarder?

I am a jewelry collector. To be honest, you might call me a jewelry hoarder. If it sparkles, if it shines, if it's unusual, if it's unique, I love it that much more! My jewelry is stored in every nook and cranny... in multiple jewelry boxes, decorative dishes on the dresser and hanging on my wall.

Now the term hoarder brings to mind someone who cannot part with something, so perhaps I can escape that title, as I am often willing to share my treasures. They're given as gifts. They're included as surprises in packages. They're sold in my store, FleaPirates Plunder. Sometimes it's difficult to pass the pieces along, but I'm pretty good natured about it!

Are you a jewelry hoarder? It's ok! We understand!

It's easy to fuel your jewelry fire if you shop online. Did you know that as of this writing, there are 7565 auctions in the Jewelry and Watches category at Wow, you could browse for days! There are selections for every budget and every desire. Before you dash off to shop, here's a peek at what you will find:

For the Vintage Collector,
a Demi-Parure Floral Necklace and Earring Set
from Singleton000 .

For the Artisan Jewelry Lover,
a Sea Shell Bracelet Hawaii
from TJinTX

For Gentlemen, a Viking Dragonship ship Gents Ring 
from 3d-geo.
(The pirate in me loves this!)

For the Hand-Crafted Afficianado, a Handmade jewelry Necklace and Earring Set from MistyMoon.

from ExpressionsByEdith.

And lastly, for the buccaneer in you, a Pirate Ship Brooch Pin Goldtone with Enamel and Four Sails from me!


kornkountrytreasures said...

You really found some treasures!! Beautiful pieces!!

Supergranny said...

Gorgeous jewelry! I know what you mean about hoarding things you love to feel and look at.....

Anonymous said...

Well, with jewelry like THAT, I would be a hoarder too! They are absolute pieces of ART! ♥

chateycathey said...

Beautiful jewelry from one jewelry person to another. Wish I could afford to hoard, but I must sell mine as I have way too much of it. Very nice post.

CurioCache said...

I'm a JEWEL hoarder! I love minerals and gemstones! I hardly ever wear my jewelry, because it either gets ruined at work, or ruined taking care of the critters.. so I just look at it.