Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Influence of Native Americans

The Thanksgiving holiday began as a day celebrated long ago between the Pilgrims and the Native Americans who taught them so much about how to survive in this new land. This was a feast of thanks that they shared, giving thanks to God for the small harvest that they gathered.

The Native Americans continued to influence the way we lived even though our cultures clashed at times.

I began looking for some of the items that that we carry on and are under the category “Native American”. I was surprised at what I found.

From Classic Chloe, I found a beautiful Handcrafted Leather Native American Doll. And she has listed many more besides this one! Her daughter had quite the collection!

From Sparky’s Collectible Cards, Magnets & Assorted Surprises, I found a wonderful little magnet, handcrafted-Indian with Winged Spirits of the Sky. Sparky has many more of these beautiful magnets! These would make wonderful stocking stuffers!!

From 4llll’s I found a gorgeous Turquoise and Sterling Bird in Flight Necklace. I must say, this is a beauty!

From Clark’s Antiques, I found a wonderful Old Wood Bark Canoe & Drum! Superb for the collector!

From Sharon2011, a brand new store from another site, I found I could purchase Handcrafted Custom Fit Moccasins made to order! These look very nice!

And from Maggie’s Farm I found the most beautiful Mata Ortiz Geometric Vase-signed and in mint condition! This, you need to take a closer look!!

Of course, whether these items were actually made by Native Americans, I do not know. But the traditions, patterns, and designs keep coming back, recreated because the Native Americans did such beautiful work. They greatly influenced our art and our way of life.

Come on over to and see if there isn’t something that might interest you!

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