Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Hint #19 -- Here's One For Next Year

If you have a green thumb, here is a super-cheap-but-very-impressive idea for next year.

In early spring, most discount stores and nurseries offer tiny houseplants for 99-cents. Figure out how many botanical gifts you’ll need for next Christmas and that’s how many plants you’ll buy on sale. Grow them out at home and start shopping garage sales and thrift stores for unique pots, keeping in mind the style preferences of the people who will receive these plants. By September, they should be a respectable size to transplant into the nice pots. Add some moss and a few ornaments and you’ll have a gift that looks like something you’d pay $40-$60 for at a flower shop.

Here are the planters available at OLA.


Fleapirates said...

This is a great idea... I just wish I had the space to try it! :(

Supergranny said...

Have you been following me around? I used to haunt the local nurseries for bits of intriguing plants...oftentimes, they would give you bits or small pots of sick or dried up specimens.

How bout pinching off some starts of plants and put it in your pockets...OMG, that would be maiming some poor little plant:) Don't do that. Expo Gal...that is so much fun.

chateycathey said...

Great idea for those with a green thumb.

kornkountrytreasures said...

Yup, you have to have a green thumb!! Love the pot!!