Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Hint #23 -- Your First Christmas Tree

Almost anything that’s small enough can be a Chrtistmas Tree ornament when tied with a red or green ribbon. Look through the junk drawer or sewing box for ideas. Old costume jewelry can easily be made into ornaments.

Buttons and beads offer all sorts of ideas.

Bows and paper ribbon can work miracles.

Dried botanicals work well.

Christmas cookie cutters make perfect ornaments.

If you absolutely must have store-bought ornaments, try your local thrift store for bargains.

If you crochet, make stiffened snowflakes or make lacy covers for glass balls.

Print out small digital pictures and frame them with tinsel to make unique ornaments.

A Tiny tree can be decorated with jewelry.

If you have a small dog, keep breakable ornaments out of reach. If you have a cat, keep breakable ornaments off the tree entirely and lose the icicles—they don’t digest well.

Here are some Christmas Tree Ornaments on OLA.

I can't stay away from crafty stuff. Imagine a "themed" Christmas Tree, decorated with nothing but these adorable twisted paper dolls.


chateycathey said...

One year I made pointsettias on small clothes pins and covered a 6 ft tree with nothing but red and white ones. It turned out beautiful. I agree some of the best ornaments are hand made. Great blog

CurioCache said...

I LOVE themed trees! There is a nursery near here that does about 50 themed trees a year.. it's so cool to go walk among them!

Fleapirates said...

You are so right about cats and icicles! Been there, done that! NO MORE ICICLES...

And don't laugh, but we've had "themed" trees often. (All birds - patriotic - all red, etc) Last year, our tree was all decorated in green and gold, with Green Bay Packers decorations everywhere! They won the Superbowl... so my kids have decided that we HAVE to do it again this year! lol

kornkountrytreasures said...

It's funny, start out small, get big, start going smaller again!! I'm trying to go teeny!! hehe!! Great post, Suze!!