Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Honor the Piggy Bank!

The piggy bank seems to have gotten its name from the substance it was originally made from . . . . an orange clay, called “pygg”. They began making these in Western Europe between the 16th and 17th centuries to replace the clay jars that people used to hold spare change. (Sound familiar?)

Whoever used the first lump of “pygg” to make a pig must have had a sense of humor or perhaps he made it using a pig as a model. However it came about, the “pygg” bank became the pig bank. Even after artisans stopped using the “pygg” to make pottery, the “pig bank” or “piggy bank” stayed.

In German speaking countries, craftsmen gave their apprentices piggy banks as a reward for the years spent in learning the trade. It also was considered a symbol of good luck or good fortune.

One school of thought is that the piggy bank is fed the "leftovers" of an individuals money until it is full enough to be smashed, and the money is then harvested.

In some countries, it is the tradition to give piggy banks as gifts since they are considered good luck, especially at New Years. This still goes on today.

You will not find piggy banks in countries that do not eat pork as the pig is considered dirty and it is against the people’s religion.

Today, a piggy bank can look like many things! It is a bank that will hold coins . . . very simple . . but the designs, materials, and imagination can run rampant in creating them! They can be made from all different types of materials, ceramic, clay, pottery, glass, metal and more!

There are many types of piggy banks. Some can be easily opened at the bottom or by some other means, some have to be smashed. No collector would want to do that!

They have taught us to save (or not to save, whatever the case!) when we were children. They have been and will be around for generations to come.

Here at, I was surprised at the number of unusual piggy banks that we have to offer! Some are for children but most are collector pieces to be enjoyed far into the future!

Take a peek and see if there isn’t something there that might please someone you are shopping for . . . . or, for yourself!!

The very first one, top right corner, is from Clarks Antiques. Who wouldn't fall in love with a wonderful old pig? Iron Still Piggy Bank Sit Down Old Good.

The one to the right is 3 Old Men and Women offered by Suzziescrafts! You get more than one here!

This is a beauty, made in West Germany by Hummel, Hummel Goebel Bank Barn Bank West Germany.

This is offered by Plusizeglamour and I can tell you she has LOTS more!!

Now this is something I remember as a child! A Vintage Uncle Sam 3 Coin Register Bank! This has also been offered by Suziescrafts.

Everyone knows Snoopy! Snoopy Peanuts 1966 Piggy Bank offered by Plusizeglamour.

Not everyone loves a clown! But this one is adorable! An Enesco Bozo the Clown Piggy Bank! Offered by Morerivethead84.

Now this is a handpainted piggy bank offered by Jenbanna88! This Handpainted Ceramic Piggy Bank is quite colorful and would be so pretty on the shelf or table!

This is a brand new Remington Country Die Cast Bank with Elk Scene offered by AKelly10.

For the sports enthusiast, how about a New York Rangers Zamboni D-500 Die Cast Bank NIB? This is from Diecast123 and is a wonderful addition to a collection!

This is one of my favorites! In fact I have one like it in my kitchen but I don't have the stopper. It reminds me to be grateful for what I have and to give what I can. This Antique "Lego" Penny Pot Red Kettle Piggy Bank is being offered by Plusizeglamour. And it has the plug!!

What kid wouldn't love this Delivery Truck Bank offered by Dealhawk1?
So, if these don't interest you, please browse through the bank section at I think you will be glad you did!

We have many fine sellers here at who will be happy to assist you! And while you are browsing, please stop in our store, Korn Kountry Treasures. Thank you and have a great Thanksgiving!


chateycathey said...

Wow, really cool piggy banks. And I remember some of those. Great post Amy

kornkountrytreasures said...

Thanks, CC! I was surprised at the AMOUNT of them . . . . and the variety!! Wow!! Great for a collector!

CurioCache said...

I'm gonna have to peruse the bank category - so many
cool ones!