Friday, November 4, 2011

Christmas Hint #4 -- Boxes from Christmas Cards

Christmas cards make great boxes for small gifts or home-baked goodies.

One idea is to make a house. The easiest way is to have 5 of the same size for the floor and 4 walls. It's easiest if these are a big, squarish size. Cut off the backs and just use the fronts if the box doesn't have to be sturdy. For a stronger box, use whole cards and overlap them so only the fronts show from the outside.

Next, you'll need 2 more to make a peaked roof. You'll need to experiment with those. Again, they can be overlapped for strength or just use the fronts and tape them.

Cut triangles to match up with the bottom and form the roof peak when taped to the ends of the roof pieces.

Finally, tape the roof section to the back of the house to make it "hinged" so light-weight items can be placed inside.

I have only read about this craft, so if any of you have actually tried it, please share your experiences and hints.

Another idea is to find a nice, ready-made box and glue pieces of old Christmas cards to it, collage style.

Here is a book of other greeting card crafts available on OLA.


kornkountrytreasures said...

You have some wonderful hints! Great way to use left over cards!! Sometimes I get new ones and don't know what to do with the few from last year! Great ideas!

Supergranny said...

Thanks for the ideas:)