Friday, November 4, 2011

Now the rest of the Rasi's

I left off last night with a man being terminated from AOL. It was not my husband.

As the days went on with the aol widow and widowers chat room, the gentleman there seemed to open up and was very funny at times.

I got an email from him asking me if he could give me something. I said absolutely not, I do not want anything from you and do not expect anything from me. I told him I was not in the market for a relationship. He sent back that I should not think all men are after one thing because he just wanted to talk to me on the phone and he bought me a phone card so I would not use my minutes. That floored me. I had never and still do not know how to use a phone card LOL. He ask if he could mail it to me. I said I do not give out my address or phone number to anyone I do not personally know. Long story over a period of about three weeks he talked me into letting him mail it to me and I told him only to a P O box number. Now I did not have one so I went and rented one and he sent it. It really was a phone card and the only thing he wrote was to warn me not to give out my number on line. That phone card is still in this house and unused.

I called him and we chatted for awhile and I chatted with his son also. His son did not understand why his dad wanted to be friends with me and neither did I at that time. I still lived in Florida at the time but was in the process of coming to NC about once a month to look at a home to buy for myself.  Well as we chatted I learned he and his brother ran a pet cemetery that had been in the family for 65 years. His grandfather started it and his dad kept it and passed it on to his sons. He said they had over 10,000 headstones for pets in their cemetery, and I later learned that was true because I visited it.

He informed me he was coming to Florida to check a cemetery that was for sale and it was only about 15 miles from where I lived. I told him not to rent a car as I would pick him up and take him because I went to the same church as the ownes it and knew right where it was. He flew in and we went to lunch and visited the place for sale. It was run down and they wanted too much money for it. Now the airport was about 55 miles from where i lived and I did not let him know where I lived. Still not sure about meeting someone on the internet as you hear so many bad stories about that. I took him back to close by the airport and he spent the night there and want back home.

I did not hear from him for about a week then he emailed me agian asking me to visit him and met his son. I said I would as he seemed so nice and not pushy about anything. I waited about a week and set off to visit him. The trip coincided with one of my trips to NC and that was half way between Florida and Ohio. That weekend I found my home I wanted in Franklin NC. Made an offer and it was accepted. Closing would be in 31 days. I went on up to meet with Al and his son. Man do not ever go anywhere around Cleveland in January. Outside my motel room my poor car was buried under about 14 inches of snow and it was a convertible. He offered to let me stay in his guest room but that is not me. I visited the cemetery and met his daughter who ran the office for them. I was truly amazed by the size of it and some of the head stones some people get for their pets.

This back and forth went on for about four months and he asked me to please not see anyone else. HMMMMMMM I thought. There was no chance of that as I still did not want to have a relationship. I really liked being his friend but I guess I knew that had to end also. It did end when after 1 yr and 5 months he asked me to marry him. I did not know what to say as we were not being intimate and I was not thinking that way. It took me  three weeks to answer him and in that time he did not pressure me but did tell me he would do whatever it took to make me happy. He knew I was moving to NC and he also knew that I had absolutely no intention of ever and I mean ever living in Ohio.

Well we had an outside wedding. We did not know many here so it was Al, myself and a preacher and his wife on a high mountian and Al wrote our wedding vowels. He has a commercial are degree and now that he has time he is pursueing that. We already new God would bless our lives together. We will be married 7 years on December 12th and I have no regrets. He is funny, he is respectful, he is who he is and I learned to love that about him. He would fly in from Oh and I would drive back with him or he would drive here and we would fly back to Oh.  It was a long distance arrangement for a while. He told me he was tired of all the travel and I reminded him he knew going in that I would not live anywhere except where we were in NC. And that was when he told me he was selling his half of the cemetery to his daughters husband and moving here for good. No more traveling each weekend and that was fine with me.

He is an easy man to get along with and as I said he is funny. I keep telling him that I am going to get him a T-shirt with "Town Clown" on the front and "The Village Idiot" on the back. He just laughs and says I won't wear it so don't waste the money. LOL

 Now I am known as Jo Ann M.Cathey- Rasi on most things but when it comes to things on line it was just easer to be Jo Ann Cathey. Does not bother him or me.

And now you know what a Rasi is. It is a rare species of a unique man. When I hear about people meeting on line and it turns bad I think if I had not been careful that could have been me. But Al does not have a mean bone in his body. And I respect him likewise. When I leave the last line on my blogs I truly believe that and we do travel some and we do enjoy life and we do live it to the fullest and we certainly do have fun at it. I can't imagine me without him. He has two brothers and neither one of them have a sense of humor like he does. Hard to believe they came from the same family. He has a sister named Joanne (spelled different than me) and she is really sweet. When we visit there she is Jo and I am Jo Jo. Other way too confusing for some LOL

Thanks for reading my blog and know that it helped me to put this into words. I have nothing in my life to hide. I love God and I thank him every day for my many blessings and there certainly are many. I have also learned lessons from the downhills in my live and I thank God for that too.

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This was longer than yesterday's but I wanted to finish it and get on to other things.

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Al taught me that and he also taught me to not take myself to seriously.


Love Your Pet Expo said...

How old was his son when you married? Did he stay in Ohio? What a great post. Fascinating story.

chateycathey said...

His son was at college when we married and he has been here. We get along great and he is like his daddy. He got married on the outter banks of NC last year and he and his wife still live in Ohio although she would rather NOT. They also had a small wedding. Their choice. Just family on the beach with a preacher. Beautiful

Supergranny said...

Super! Live Love Laugh

kornkountrytreasures said...

Absolutely love it, JoAnn! I am so glad that you found him!! I know from your posts that you love him deeply. Good going, girl!!

CurioCache said...

My friend found her soul-mate on-line too. They just had a beautiful little girl named Lucy -a combination of their names Lucas and Casey. They are the perfect family!